Bandages are they used in a variety of ways to protect wounds from dirt and infection by providing a barrier and allow for proper healing. Having a range of different types of bandages at your disposal¬† ensures that you’re prepared for any kind of minor injury that might occur in the workplace. Having an adequate supply of bandages in your office or workplace is a reflection of your commitment to safety and well-being of your team. It shows your preparedness to respond to incidents promptly and efficiently, helping to reduce downtime, liability and improve overall morale.

Common Types of Bandages

  • Adhesive Bandages

  • Butterfly Bandages
  • Elastic Bandages

  • Triangular Bandages

  • Compression Bandages

  • Knuckle and Fingertip Bandages

  • Hemostatic/Clotting Bandages

Extra-Long Elastic Strips

Elastic Strips

Fingertip Bandage

Extra Large Fingertip Bandage

Junior Strips

Knuckle Bandage

Large Patch

Plastic Strip

Stretch Bandage

Triangular Bandage

Butterfly Bandages


XL Fingertip Hi-Vis Blue

Large Patch Hi-Vis

Knuckle Hi-Vis




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