Eye Wash Station Service

Compliance with ANSI z358.1-2014 must be met. Eye wash station servicing is crucial to maintaining the safety and health standards in environments prone to potential eye hazards. These stations are designed to offer immediate relief in cases of eye contamination caused by chemicals, dust, or other harmful substances. Ensuring these stations are regularly inspected and serviced is imperative to their functionality. Any compromise on this, such as blockages, inadequate water flow, or contaminated water, can lead to subpar decontamination and make injuries worse. Regular servicing of eye wash stations is essential to ensure they function correctly, providing effective and prompt relief in the event of an eye injury, and fulfilling safety compliance obligations.

Our Service

  • Flush system of sediment

  • Inspect for physical damage

  • Run a test on the station

  • Report of Eye Wash Station status

  • Clean and disinfect station

  • Refill station with antibacterial solution

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